It’s this time of the year again in November…

Crea Germany is hosting play4innovation!play4innovation 2017

Explore your playful mindset!
Freshen up your skills and toolkit for creative work!
Enjoy a highly inspiring and engaging time!
Get inspired by an international community of like-minded, creative peers!

play4innovation is a two day un-conference for peers, hosted by Crea Germany e.V. and with a lot of room for learning and experiments:

  • Learn and share playful approaches to foster creativy and innovation.
  • Co-design play solutions for your needs.
  • Test your new ideas and get immediate feedback from peers.
  • Get to know new  people with diverse backgrounds and expertise who share a common interest: playful co-creation!

What will you take away?play4innovation 2017 experience

After the two days you will leave Berlin energized, enriched and maybe a bit exhausted! You will have…

  • learned fresh ideas for facilitation
  • experienced new tools and games hands-on
  • deepened your skills around gamification, innovation and co-creativity

And you will have fun memories with new friends!

What is play4innovation?play4innovation 2017 2

play4innovation is the annual community event of CREA Germany e.V., happening for the 4th year in Berlin!

What makes play4innovation a special experience?

It is an adventurous un-conference – cocreated by its participants! In the two days around 40 sessions will be offered in an open space setting. It gives participants the unique opportunity to co-create, experiment with and share new forms and/or methods.

We will be a maximum of 40 people, the ideal size to get to know and learn from each other!

play4innovation is an un-conference for peers! Every participants brings something to share around the topics

  • PLAY

What you bring could be one (or more) session on:

  • A new playful approach that you want to share or to test
  • A challenge that you want to co-design a playful solution for
  • A topic you would like to explore through discussion and/or co-creation

Sharing is caring! Taka advantage of the brilliant peers who will be there. Together we will make the most of it!

For WHOM is play4innovation?

You can be a facilitator, trainer, coach, consultant or any other expert in co-creativity and innovation… and you can have your expertise in innovation, agile, creative problem solving, design thinking or teaching: We want a diverse group of people with different backgrounds who share and create experiences for new insights!

Join an international community from creativity experts from 6+ different countries!

WHERE will we play4innovation?creaKIX 2016 session

The location for play4innovation is one of the most beautiful in central Berlin: Gebrüder Fritz! It has a huge kitchen, a lot of breakout rooms, cozy and original furniture. The perfect place to play together, laugh, relax, listen, and work.

You can either participate in sessions or hang out in the kitchen and be spoiled by Daniel’s Eatery. Our chef will spoil us as usual with his culinary creative adventures!

WHO are the Organisers?play4innovation 2017 celebration

play4innovation is a community effort. It is a non-profit event, organised together by StrategicPlay® and Crea Germany e.V. (to which we will donate all profits, so they occur) who succesfully hosted these events since 2015 in exact the same setting.

You can even further deepen your experience and play an active role in fostering creativity by becoming a member of CREA Germany e.V. ! We are always looking for members who share our passion for creativity and support our charity activities for schools and public.

Crea Germany e.V. is a non-profit organization to promote creative thinking in science, education and society. It was founded in June 2016 and offers events and workshops to spread creative confidence.

StrategicPlay® is the brand for playful and strategic co-creation. We started in 2006 with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and are one of the few official providers for LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® trainings. We are fascinated how big challenges lose their complexity and new solutions are created when we guide teams playfully through our cocreation processes.

Sign up now and join us for two days full of learnings and insights around Play, Creativity, Innovation and CoCreation!


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