Seit Beginn der Quarantäne posten wir Artikel, um zu inspirieren oder unser kreatives Potenzial zu stimulieren. Wir nennen es #CREAntäne! Wir sitzen global alle in einem Corona-Boot. Deshalb setzen wir mit unserem 29. Post unsere Sonderreihe fort: Crea Germany e.V. ist Teil einer globalen Community zu Kreativität. Aus dieser haben wir Freunde aus verschiedenen Ländern eingeladen, aus ihrer persönlichen Perspektive und der ihres Landes zu berichten. In diesem dritten Teil unserer Reihe berichtet Alessia Sterpetti von ihren #CREAntäne Erlebnissen. Sie lebt in Rom und leitet die Innovationsabteilung eines großen Energiekonzerns. Sie ist Expertin für Kreativität und Innovation und weiß, die neuesten Methoden zu kombinieren. Wir kennen sie seit vielen Jahren und von vielen play4innovations. Since the beginning of the quarantine, we have been posting blogs to inspire and to stimulate our creative potential. We call this #CREANtäne! We are all in the same corona-boat. That is the reason why – with this 29th post- we continue something special: Crea Germany e.V. is part of a global community engaged in creativity. We have invited some friends from different countries, to give us a short report on their personal perspective and some information about the situation in their country. In this third article Alessia Sterpetti shares her #CREAntine experiences with us. She lives in Rome and heads the innovation department of a large energy company. She is an expert in creativity and innovation and knows how to combine the latest methods. We have known her for many years and from many play4innovations.

The Situation in Rome, Italy

As you know, Italy was one of the first European countries which had an emergency-situation cause of the Virus. It was hard to manage because we were absolutely not prepared. From 9th of March we were in quarantine. Nobody could go out unless for really important reasons like medication, essential jobs or you had to support your parents. We suffer a lot under the lack of freedom and  even of fear, but everybody  was very aligned with the guidelines and the restrictions.  Alessia in home officeWhat happened in my life? I was prepared and used to home office before because my company had already started smart working before the virus. Home office was allowed one day per week. So I was able to manage, but my house is not designed as an office. We struggled to find places for me, the kids and my husband that we all can have online-conferences without disturbing each other. Very often I had to work on a sofa or my bed, cause the desks were used. I’m really looking forward to the reopening of IKEA because I really need a desk.  Life at home is also challenging because my kids are not old enough to manage themselves in online classes. I have to be there for them und support their education. Public education was totally not ready for distance learning. It took more than a month to organise online sessions and during that month homework came by email. My kids were not motivated to study after a short time, and I had to support them. I had to  give them a reason why to do school-related things while you don’t go to school. I had to explain and teach them self-preparation. This was absolutely not easy.  But being at home very close you learn so much about each other which I really appreciated from this time. Also the organisation at home frome me and my husband around the family was very interesting. I`m happy to be closer to and with my family. The virus showed on one side how philantrophic the Italian society is, there was a big moment of caring for each other. On the other side it’s also a social crisis, the level of hate related to foreigners, immigrants became really bad, even worse than before.   

My life in #CREAntine – challenges and insights

What I miss most is my family, like my sisters, my mother, my parents in law. For Italians the family is a very important group, we like to see (and hug) each other a lot. Getting physically close and touch people you love is really important for us. That this is not possible now, immediately felt really hard. I think this is something, that is gone forever:  the physical contact to family and friends. adult-bar-cafe-business-cinema-375885I miss my freedom, just to go out whenever and wherever I want. I miss taking a walk through the centre of Rome, going to the cinema, visiting museums. I miss the cultural part, even though there are a lot of things online but for me it’s not the same. It feels like an invisible jail. From a professional point of view, I miss the contact with people. Even though we can manage workshops online, it feels really different when you meet in real live.

Creativity in Quarantine

I was very comfortable with holding conferences during cooking, cleaning or helping my kids with homework. Before I had meetings in the office and there was the meeting and only the meeting. Now things often really speed up and I have to be able to focus on several things at once. Everyone is in home office and has the same situation and to also fulfill the needs of the others in the house. For me I figure out that I can work everywhere. This is a possible impact of the situation. It also surprises me how this became immediately the new normal.  Everything could be done with the commitment and responsibility of the people. Thank you, Alessia!

Stay safe and hopefully we see you soon!

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